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Looking ahead to our 75th anniversary, I find joy in the phrase that the Apostle Paul uses in his first letter to the Corinthians: "I have passed on that which I have received" (11:23). We have chosen the theme of Becoming Heirs for our celebration. Those of us who are currently faith partners at St James were not the ones who started this church nor built its ministry over the past 75 years.  Instead, it was passed on as an inheritance from our predecessors.

Similarly, we see that we have the opportunity to give St James to future generations.  As we look at our church's past 75 years, it is an exciting time to be involved in God's ministries here. We have new families visiting every week, our micro shelter community will receive its first residents later this year, and we are formally partnering with a sister church in El Salvador to better understand God's mission throughout the world.

It is also a wonderful time during this 75th anniversary celebration to secure our current ministries and to open up to the vision God has for our community, offering a rich legacy to those who come after us. Won't you join in the activties of our 75th anniversary and celebrate in community the work of God in our midst?                                                                                 

Sandra Hamilton Slane,

Council President​​

There are numerous ways for you to join us for this celebration:

  1. Attend an Event

    • May 18: Local Day of Service at community partners' sites

    • May 19: 9am Pentecost Sunday worship service

    • May 19: 4pm Homecoming Reunion worship service of music and testimonies. We invite anyone who has previously attended to join us for this joyful celebration. This event will be available by livestream for those unable to attend in person.

    • May 19: 5:30 pm Dinner. Please RSVP here so we can plan for your joining us. A freewill donation will be taken to offset the cost at the dinner.

  2. Testimonies

    • Send us your stories, photos, and video testimonials to tell us how St James has impacted your journey of Christian faith. Send these to (By sharing them with us, you are giving us permission to use them in this celebration event).

  3. Financial Support

    • In an effort to underwrite some of our ministry activities for the next 75 years, we will unveil St James Next, a strategic giving campaign with many facets. Stay in touch to learn more about how you can give to this initiative.

  4. Connect with us, wherever you are

    • We recognize that some of our faith partners are no longer in the Redding area and we would love for you to remain involved with us through our weekly newsletter, on Facebook, and YouTube. Participate in worship services, stay updated on the progress of our giving campaign, and let us know the ways God continues to bless you and your community.

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